Rhett Herring

Hummingbird - Madera CanyonWelcome to rhettherring.com, your doorway into the world of wildlife photography. I'm Rhett Herring, a wildlife photographer who has spent countless hours in nature, capturing the captivating world of birds. My work, which captures the unique beauty and spirit of various bird species from across the globe, has not only been published in well-known magazines but has also been prominently featured on various websites and exhibited in galleries.

My fascination with nature and its intricate ecosystems spurred me to pick up a camera and document its wonders. Birds, in particular, seized my attention and gradually became the main subjects of my work. I devote a substantial amount of time to learning about the behavior, habitats, and characteristics of numerous bird species, and it's reflected in the depth and detail of my photographs.

Rosette NebulaAside from birds, my interest in photography extends to different realms such as landscapes, macro photography, street scenes, and even the cosmos with astrophotography. This diversity is testament to my curiosity and continuous pursuit of that perfect shot which encapsulates the subject's essence. Consequently, I've curated a diverse portfolio that holds appeal for viewers worldwide, each image a unique story in its own right.

However, my contributions to the field of photography aren't limited to creating visually striking images. I'm also an enthusiastic educator who loves imparting my knowledge of wildlife photography to others. I conduct workshops that cover a range of topics, but there's a special emphasis on capturing birds in flight. My aim is to inspire attendees, providing them with the skills and confidence to further develop their craft.

Acorn WoodpeckerAs you navigate through rhettherring.com, you will get a glimpse into the world of birds as captured through my lens. My hope is that the imagery will inspire you, and the beauty of nature as I see it will resonate with you. Thank you for joining me on this journey as I continue to share the wonders of our planet through my lens.